Friday, March 28, 2008


I usually refrain from expressing my views on politics but I'm going to break from that today. There seems to be; at least to me, too much being said about Hillary's "Big lie".
Does the media really believe that she wouldn't lie? I think the only thing suprising to me about it is that it was so blatant! I think they all lie along the way.
Nixon: "I am not a crook"
Ronald Reagan:"We did not -- repeat -- did not trade weapons or anything else for hostages -- nor will we."
Bill Clinton:"I did not have sex with that woman"
George W. Bush: "I am a genius"
OK, the last one is made up! I think if the media would cover just the facts about what the candidates propose and how these differ from the other candidates plans we could get a better idea of whats going on. I know the other stuff is important to judge a persons character and integrity, but with someone like Kennedy sitting on some oversite or ethics committee I don't think the voters really care that much about character.
One senator is all against gays and gets caught soliciting men in a bathroom. I mean come on. Lets get down to the real issues.
Things like:
How much are my taxes going up?
Will there be social security when I'm old?
Where's the beef?
Who framed Roger Rabbit?

Really, to sum up my political leaning I would say that the person who will not try and be politically correct ALL the time, sticks to their convictions,lies less than the others, and doesn't care if I smoke a cigarette in my own car will probably get my vote.

I think I'll write in Drew Carey.

Bush Monkey


Brandon said...

are you trying to give me nightmares?

Chopper said...

Stare into his eyes.

Brandon said...

haha. Jesus. I find some of your pictures creepy and intriguing. I am adding you to my blogroll. If you would do the same I would be honored.

Chopper said...



Wow, that picture's creepy (you're gonna give me nightmares!) but seriously, when do the media EVER tell the truth in politics please? They're just trying to get you to vote for the party or candidate they support so... whoa, this is getting political! Sorry, not normally like this. Great pic though - love your mash-ups!

johnlon said...

That's hilarious, that's the whole point about politics, its all about lying. The thing about it is if you get caught or not.

Love the picture of Bush, nice likeness. :)

Kingindian said...

nice work...!
hmm monkeyz