Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lessons From The Web: Part 2

Misspelled words
While looking at the Webmaster tools at google I found something interesting. People misspell words in their google searches and if your site has the same misspelling you could actuall get front page listing. One example is "Flaming Text". I misspelled it like this: "Flamming Text" and got on the first page of searches for that word. I do not want people comming to my site thinking I'm illeterate but whatever works, works! Maybe as an experiment i'll make a misspelling here.
Let's try" illetarate" and see how that goes for this blog. Let you know in a later post.
Sad commentary on our society isn't it? So, from now on if you see misspelling on this blog I'm just going to attribute it to trying to get better google results!



Not nit picking or nothing, but you've spelt "coming" as "comming" on this post.
Sorry! But I mis-spell things all the time - you are not alone!

Chopper said...

Yea there are a couple more. These were actually intentional. Since this was about misspelled words I was going to fill it with errors but decided to put in a couple that I could track in google searches. "actuall" should be Actually, "coming" which you pointed out, and "illeterate" should be illiterate. Thanks for reading!
BTW google should have been Google