Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just Stuff

Not Much To Say Today

Just thought I would show off a few pics I've "chopped".

old lady before

old lady after
The Smiling Lion
Smiling Lion
Bee Bird
Bee Bird
That's all for today. Keep in touch!


Anonymous said...

Did you do those in photoshop? The last picture of the bee bird looked well done.

And on the post before that:
I've found myself typing in wrong characters while doing google searches, and you could be amazed at what I've found...

Kingindian said...

hi there!
wow you have great pictures here
i have add your link and fave you in my technorati

Chopper said...

Thanks for the comments. kratos, yes all are done in photoshop. kingindian, thanks for the add!
More stuff like this @ my website

Journey_of_Life said...

woah...this has to be the most creative, strange, unique blog ive seen. Those are some really unique pics you got.real interesting. keep it up. haha

Journey_of_Life said...

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Brandon said...

That lion really freaks me out