Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Typing Skills

Just a short note today. My typing skills consist of 2, sometimes 3 fingers, all the while looking at the keyboard. I go back over my masterpiece when I'm done, editing the numerous mistakes I find, and then post. Later I have to go back and edit again and correct mistakes I find.
I have now decided to do the unthinkable. Take it into a word processor and do a spell check. Oh, if I would have had one of those in school. Maybe now it will appear I have just a few more writing skills than I actually do.
I will hang in there and keep blogging!

1 comment:

Caleb McRudeson said...

Haha good masking job.

I did the hand graphic in photoshop, you should check out my website, I just did it today in photoshop (I still need to optimize the graphics in fireworks for the site, so bare with the loading time.)

It's for my techno music I make, my artist name is 'Comity'.

I hope you enjoy.